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Recording Moments; Capturing Memories

Any photograph is an image of a fragment of time, as little as 1/16000th of a second, so brief we can easily miss it.

Images of our families and friends, wedding days, birthdays, ceremoinial occasions, family parties all generate moments which create a sea of memories. 

Those memories may stem from a single image of a parent and child together, even if the parent is 95 and the child 70. They may come from an album of pictures from a wedding. Documentary style images catch the interactions between people, formal images show who attended, the various groups oif family & friemds and are designed to put the couple front and centre and to show them and of course the dress to best effect.

Corporate headshots whilst often less memorable, are a record of sorts. Often they lack creativity because they are shot quickly, with flat, repeatable lighting. It is possible to create a look that is less stereotyped with a little extra attention. 

Portraits are an interesting area. There is no right or wrong answer to this. Whilst a lot of portraits are shot in a studio, and this is a controlled environment, my preference is to shoot them in an environment that is comfortable and relaxed for the sitter, whether this is their own home, place of work, the local park, the important thing is if you are relaxed, the pictures generally look better and less formulaic. With children particularly, allowing them space to play, and shooting as they do so tends to produce images that look more natural than sat or stood in front of a clincial, white background.

Property images can always be improved by the right choice of lenses and choosing a time, if possible, when the light is more symapthetic to the structure.

If you have a particular photographic requirement or project you are interested in please get in touch, I'm always willing to discuss an idea and I don't bite.

I look forward to hearing from you.