1. This is me

I'm Stephen Warner. I first picked up a camera when I was about 9 years old and I was hooked. In those distant times, there was the thrill of taking the film to the  shop for it to be sent for processing and then waiting for the resulting prints to come back. Later it was sent by post but the anticipation of those pictures arriving on the doormat was incredible. Later I moved into shooting slide film and proceesing it myself. The images were beautiful but still lacked that immediacy of a print to look at in your hand.

I started shooting a few weddings back in the days of film, mainly for friends and family, and the majority of those images are now consigned to the great filing cabinet of history. 

I enjoy making imaegs both for profit and for pleasure. Every tme I take a shot, I learn something about the fall of the light and the subtleties of shadows. The advent of digital photography has made it easier to learn new ideas, as the instancy of review and the lack of limitation of processing has enabled multiple attempts to be compared and lessons learned. However, even with phones and tablets to show the pictures on, they still come to life best when printed, whether as a simple set of prints to be handed around or displayed in an album. a framed print for the wall, printed on glass or acrylic, or printed album or coffee table book.

The great, American Landscape photographer, Ansel Adams coined the phrase, "You don't take a photograph, you make a photograph." and he was so right. There are so many things to consider before the shutter is released, all of which contribute to the final image. Adams also said: "The most important part of the camera is the twelve inches behind the viewfinder."  Again correct. Unfortunately, an expensive camera will not guarantee good results, merely reasonably well exposed ones. 

I am passionate about photography and about providing images that I am proud of and that other people want to share and to talk about.

"Photography Is A Love Affair With Life* - Burk Uzzle