What are Environmental Portraits?

Images of people in their normal surroundings. This may be a workplace portrait, images of them participating in hobbbies or pastimes, involved in family activities, relaxing or doing some kind of sport.

The important thing is that the resulting picture gives the viewer some kind of information about the subject that tells a story, rather than the formal, studio head and shoulders portrait we all know so well. I want a portrait to tell me as the viewer who you are and what you are about.

Think about your daily life and try to sum up some of what  you do as a picture. If you want something that represents you in your professional, working role then the picture needs to be taken in that environment. If you want to reflect your passion for cake making, golf, gardening or whatever then that is the situation in which to make the images.

Because I want portraits to give that extra detail about the subject, I don't have a formal, studio set up. 

The other possibility with this type of portraiture is that of location shooting which may be in urban, rural or parkland settings and makes use of the lighting and locality to frame more relaxed pictures.