Your Wedding.

It is as they say: your big day. Months of planning are finally coming to fruition. You want that day to be as memorable as possible. The photographs of the day are an integral part of helping to keep thoise memories fresh. You will want to remember how wonderful you all looked at the time, and possibly to wonder why your friend really thought that bright orange shirt was a good idea. 

The recording of the classic wedding images shows all the finest details of the wonderful outfits and myriad colours and portrays you and your guests in settings selected to show everything off to its best effect.

Another approach is that of reportage or documentary photography. This style allows the photographer to blend into the crowd a little more and to capture spontaneous moments as the day unfolds. Often these images are produced in black and white as this seems to impart a timelessness to them although I am happy to produce both colour and monochrome or any combination thereof.

Similarly, if you would like both traditional and documentary pictures, that can be accommodated. It is important that you have a lasting memento of the day that you will want to go back to in the years to come.

I am also happy to undertake more stylised, art images of the bridal pair, but bear in mind that these do take time to set up and will require you to be away from your guests for part of the day, up to 45 minutes depending upon the location and the number of images.